Partnership with the Blue World Institute !

Children for the Oceans is pleased to announce its partnership with the Blue World Institute (the “BWI”). The BWI Marine research and Conservation works to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea. To fulfil its mission, the BWI operates free programs – research, education and conservation. Their research focuses mainly on large marine vertebrates( (dolphins, whales, sea turtles, sharks, …

Sailing from Suriname to Barbados

Our stop in Panamaribo, Suriname

We spent 6 days in Suriname, visiting Panamaribo and heading up the river.

Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park

Peaks of the Southern Atlantic submarine ridge form the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago and Rocas Atoll off the coast of Brazil. They represent a large proportion of the island surface of the South Atlantic and their rich waters are extremely important for the breeding and feeding of tuna, shark, turtle and marine mammals. The islands are home to the largest …

After 13 days of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulden Leeuw is arriving at Fernando de Noronha, a Brasilian island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Awareness Session for the protection of the oceans in Dakar, Senegal

Thank you to the kids of Aimée Césaire School in Dakar and thank you to Sandrine for her help in organizing this session.

Partnership with Mercator Ocean International and Copernicus Marine Service

We signed last week our partnership between Children for the Oceans and MERCATOR OCEAN INTERNATIONAL, acting on behalf and for the account of COPERNICUS MARINE SERVICE from the European Union. Mercator Ocean International and Copernicus Marine Service will in particular provide Children for the Oceans with some supporting documentation and materials for the awareness sessions on the protection of the …