Children for the Oceans & Romain Pilliard’s partnership

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By setting up a partnership with Romain Pilliard, we have decided to get children familiar with the main principles of circular economy. Circular economy is a way reduce our footprint on our planet and protect our ocean.

Romain Pilliard, who is going make a worldwide sailing tour against all odds to promote the circular economy and the transition of the economy to a more virtuous model. He thus gave a second life to the legendary trimaran, which in 2005 broke the Single-handed Round the World Record with Ellen MacArthur, then was abandoned in Brest for years.
The boat was then renovated by the USE IT AGAIN team with parts, sails, recycled materials, reconditioned and recovered from other offshore racing teams in France and abroad.

In regular contact with Romain Pilliard and Alex Pella, his team-mate, the children will be able to exchange views, talk about the Ocean, familiarize themselves with the main principles of the circular economy and follow this great sporting challenge!

But above all, we need to put in place educational tools, expand our network of ambassadors and increase awareness sessions around the world!

If you want to support this awareness mission of Children for the Oceans, contact us.