Morgane (Toulouse, France)

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Hello! My name is Morgane Beaulieu. I am 14 years old and I live in Toulouse, France.

I first heard about Children For The Oceans by some classmates and as soon as I knew of what it consisted, I decided to join.

Oceans have always been a precious treasure for me: since I was little, my family and I would spend our weekends and vacations sailing. I enjoyed it because we saw marine animals. But sometimes I saw waste in the sea and I felt guilty. Not because it was I who polluted but because I realized that humans have a disastrous impact on our planet and on our oceans.

By joining this association, I knew I could help change the conditions of the oceans and the animals who live in it. I want to raise awareness to children all around the world that we are hurting the planet, our planet but that we can make it change all together.