Lisa (Toulouse, France)

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I’m Lisa, a 13 year old girl who was born in America near Chicago but later moved to France. I love gymnastics, skiing, roller skating, surfing, photography… I enjoy anything to do with the oceans for example the sound of the waves, the seashells, swimming in the rough waves and much more. I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving to admire life under the oceans because it’s sounds so passionating!

When I heard about this association, I immediately decided to join, because to me, our oceans are a source of happiness, adventure and of course, they are vital for our planet. Just imagining our beautiful oceans dying little by little is so devastating. I joined as a member, and am now an ambassador, which is a great honor. I hope to do my best to act to save our oceans, because they don’t deserve anything we do to them.