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Hello ! My name is Léopold and I am 20, I am currently living in Paris.

Since I am young I am captivated by adventure literature. My dream would be to become a travel writer. This is why as soon as I had the opportunity, I took my backpack and I began to travel, always with my notebook by my side to write down everything I was structed by. My first travel was in Spitzberg in the Svalbard archipelago, in the middle of Arctic Ocean. This is where I realized how much our Earth is fragile. Since this moment I use my free time to discover new places.

I am also passionate about navigation and this led me to love oceans and to care about its protection. I joined CFTO as an ambassador to be able to be committed at my scale in one of the major struggle of our time which is the protection of the environment. I am currently studying law at La Sorbonne in Paris, because this subject goes with my commitment and I would like to be an actor for change.