Jakob, (Berlin, Germany)

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Hallo! My name is Jakob and I live in Berlin, an absolute cool place for living, marked by historic events and innovation, the capital of Germany with historic and modern buildings as well as rivers, lakes and forests. I’m interested in science, modern technologies and politics. I like to travel to get to know new countries and cultures and I love the ocean.

During my travels it has deeply affected me to see how careless people in many places treat our environment. The mountains of plastic waste that swim in the ocean or simply lie on beaches or on the side of a road outside villages are particularly horrifying. The oceans are not only beautiful, but the basis of our lives, to which the greatest threat comes from plastic waste.

Therefore I decided to act, to contribute to the conservation of the oceans. I would like to get the political affairs in Berlin to actively demand the reduction of plastic in all areas of life, implement regulations allowing the use of plastics only if 100% recyclable, such regulations becoming effective and applicable in 5 years from now at the latest and Support and boost political means the development of new technologies for such plastics from sustainable sources.

Besides I want to make people understand that everyone can and has to contribute, which is easy.

So start and minimize your consumption of non-recyclable plastic to zero and dispose of any unavoidable plastic correctly. If you start doing this you live in respect with the environment and help to save our oceans!