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My name is Charlotte Seal, the UK ambassador for Children for the Oceans, and I attend Latymer Upper School in London.

I have been fascinated by the Ocean, and the detrimental effects, we as humans are having on it, ever since I discovered my house could be underwater within 20 years. Not only was I shocked by this fact, but also that it was caused by us, and that it could be stopped. Even more importantly, that I, nor any of my friends, had not heard about this earlier. That is why I decided to join Children for the Oceans.

Besides Children for the Oceans, I am a member of my borough’s Youth Council, the founder and chairman of my school’s politics club and a member of Round Square (an international student community). In addition, I am a tutor and mentor for younger children, inside and outside school.

By joining Children of the Ocean I want to really make a difference and encourage others to do the same.