Our Ocean Ambassadors

Morgane Beaulieu from Toulouse, France

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Hello! My name is Morgane Beaulieu. I am 14 years old and I live in Toulouse, France. I first heard about Children For The Oceans by some classmates and as soon as I knew of what it consisted, I decided to join. Oceans have always been a precious treasure for me: since I was little, my family and I would spend our weekends and vacations sailing. I enjoyed it because we saw marine animals. But sometimes I saw waste in the sea and I felt guilty. Not because it was I who polluted but because I realized that humans have a disastrous impact on our planet and on our oceans. By joining this association, I knew I could help change the conditions of the oceans and the animals who live in it. I want to raise awareness to children all around the world that we are hurting the planet, our planet but that we can make it change all together.

Marin Lesage, France

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Lisa Bortolotti from Chicago, living in France

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I’m Lisa, a 13 year old girl who was born in America near Chicago but later moved to France. I love gymnastics, skiing, roller skating, surfing, photography… I enjoy anything to do with the oceans for example the sound of the waves, the seashells, swimming in the rough waves and much more. I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving to admire life under the oceans because it’s sounds so passionating!

When I heard about this association, I immediately decided to join, because to me, our oceans are a source of happiness, adventure and of course, they are vital for our planet. Just imagining our beautiful oceans dying little by little is so devastating. I joined as a member, and am now an ambassador, which is a great honor. I hope to do my best to act to save our oceans, because they don’t deserve anything we do to them.

Julia Rodriguez from Toulouse, France

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Hi ! My name is Julia and I am 13 years old. I was born in Toulouse and later went to live in England. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I came back in France in 2013. I really enjoy surfing, skiing, skateboarding, pretty much everything that slides. When I grow up, my dream is to live near the ocean to make the most of it and do what I love. I am very aware of what we, men inflict to our oceans. By being an ambassador for Children For The Oceans I am trying to do my best to help as much as I can by spreading the message and giving advice to children. Hopefully on their side they will have good reflexes in their daily lives which have no bad impact on ecology and our oceans.

Elena Dehghani from Toulouse, France


Hello! My name is Elena, I am 14 years old and I live in Tournefeuille, France. I have always respected nature but recently when I saw particularly the state of  the oceans, I was taken aback by the lack of respect of people towards the environment. Some people don’t even bother to pick up their rubbish and do not think of the consequences. I am a very outdoor person and  I am very lucky to be able to go to the mountains and to the seaside. I love to travel, explore and learn about different cultures. It is important for people to look after our planet and this is why I joined CFTO.

Léopold Petit from Paris, France


Hello ! My name is Léopold and I am 20, I am currently living in Paris.

Since I am young I am captivated by adventure literature. My dream would be to become a travel writer. This is why as soon as I had the opportunity, I took my backpack and I began to travel, always with my notebook by my side to write down everything I was structed by. My first travel was in Spitzberg in the Svalbard archipelago, in the middle of Arctic Ocean. This is where I realized how much our Earth is fragile. Since this moment I use my free time to discover new places.

 I am also passionate about navigation and this led me to love oceans and to care about its protection. I joined CFTO as an ambassador to be able to be committed at my scale in one of the major struggle of our time which is the protection of the environment. I am currently studying law at La Sorbonne in Paris, because this subject goes with my commitment and I would like to be an actor for change.

Emma Wright from Montreal, Canada


Hello! My name is Emma Wright and I live in Montreal, Canada. Ever since I was young, the oceans and the amount of life they provide to our planet completely mesmerized me. It was thanks to my parents who encouraged me to explore our world through films such as Blue Planet, which helped me fall in love with our oceans. My admiration for the oceans only grew stronger after living and sailing on the Gulden Leeuw, a Dutch tall ship, for the past year. I am so excited to be part of Children for the Oceans to help save our oceans and spread awareness about the importance of the preservation of our planet. I hope to become a Marine Biologist in the coming years to continue working to protect our oceans.

Eugenia Mendez from Mexico

Eugenia Mendez Ambassadeur

Hola! My name is Eugenia Mendez and I was born in Los cabos, Mexico but spent half of my life living in the the Caribbean side, Playa del Carmen. I love adventure and currently live on a boat, I am passionate about the ocean and have always had a lot of respect for it. Since I was young my parents taught me to take care of my environment and encouraged my love for nature. I am always trying to be involved with my community and this is why I am so happy to be part of Children for the oceans. I am 18 years old and working hand in hand with nature has become part of my lifestyle, I have big hopes for the Earth and I truly believe that people working together can change the world.


Joe Ribbins from Cayman Islands

Joe Ribbins Ambassador

My name is Joe Ribbins, I am 18 years old and I was born in a small fishing village on the west Ireland called Rosses Point in Sligo. At the age of one month I moved to the Cayman Islands and lived there ever since. I have spent my whole life on the water, from a young age I was fishing, swimming and surfing. Right now, I am sailing the world on a tall ship, living one the water. When you are with the ocean so much you see the true affects the pollution has on it and I want to do my part to stop it. The ocean is my home and I want to keep!

Marsella Johnson from San Francisco

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My name is Marsella Johnson, and I am an American 15-year-old girl living in San Francisco, California. I sing at local farmer’s markets with my Dad and his band and raise money that I donate to Save the Bay, a San Francisco non-profit organization dedicated to the education, conservation, and restoration of the San Francisco Bay. I was recently given the opportunity to be featured in their “Courageous Young Women” campaign that helped spread the mission of Save The Bay. My love and respect for the ocean began at a very early age whenI first experienced the waters in Southern California. I recently obtained my Open-Water PADI scubacertification and hope to fulfill a lifelong dream of diving in the Great Barrier Reef. In the future, I wish to study underwater archaeology and will always continue to help our oceans.


Charlotte Seal from London


My name is Charlotte Seal, the UK ambassador for Children for the Oceans, and I attend Latymer Upper School in London. I have been fascinated by the Ocean, and the detrimental effects, we as humans are having on it, ever since I discovered my house could be underwater within 20 years. Not only was I shocked by this fact, but also that it was caused by us, and that it could be stopped. Even more importantly, that I, nor any of my friends, had not heard about this earlier. That is why I decided to join Children for the Oceans.

Besides Children for the Oceans, I am a member of my borough’s Youth Council, the founder and chairman of my school’s politics club and a member of Round Square (an international student community). In addition, I am a tutor and mentor for younger children, inside and outside school.

By joining Children of the Ocean I want to really make a difference and encourage others to do the same.

Jakob Mosch from Berlin

Jakob Mosch


My name is Jakob and I live in Berlin, an absolute cool place for living, marked by historic events and innovation, the capital of Germany with historic and modern buildings as well as rivers, lakes and forests. I’m interested in science, modern technologies and politics. I like to travel to get to know new countries and cultures and I love the ocean. During my travels it has deeply affected me to see how careless people in many places treat our environment. The mountains of plastic waste that swim in the ocean or simply lie on beaches or on the side of a road outside villages are particularly horrifying. The oceans are not only beautiful, but the basis of our lives, to which the greatest threat comes from plastic waste. Therefore I decided to act, to contribute to the conservation of the oceans. I would like to get the political affairs in Berlin to

  • Actively demand the reduction of plastic in all areas of life. Now.
  • Implement regulations allowing the use of plastics only if 100% recyclable, such regulations becoming effective and applicable in 5 years from now at the latest and
  • Support and boost political means the development of new technologies for such plastics from sustainable sources.

Besides I want to make people understand that everyone can and has to contribute, which is easy.

So start and minimize your consumption of non-recyclable plastic to zero and dispose of any unavoidable plastic correctly. If you start doing this you live in respect with the environment and help to save our oceans!