Children for the Oceans and Thomas Lesage, Godfather of the World Ocean Day at the Aquarium de la Porte Doré in Paris on June 8th


Thomas had the chance to be invited as godfather of the World Ocean Day at the Aquarium of the Porte Doré in Paris with Valérie Masson- Delmotte, a French climate scientist and Research Director at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, where she works in the Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory (LSCE).


Children for the Oceans also joined the March for the Oceans organised by Surfrider on the dame day.

Launch of new awareness sessions in Toulouse area




Between April and June, 10 awareness sessions will be organised by Children for the Oceans to increase the awareness of kids to the protection of the Ocean. Even if each of us does not live close to the Ocean, we, all, have an impact on the ocean based on the way we live, consume and act as citizens.

The first awareness session was held in a small village, Menville, close to Toulouse. More than 50 kids attended the session. During this session, I shared with them daily tips to contribute to save the planet and the ocean.