Welcome to Emma Wright from Montreal and Jakob Mosh from Berlin who both have decided to join Children for the Oceans as ocean ambassadors for Canada and Germany!


Welcome to Emma Wright who has decided to join Children for the Oceans to contribute to save the oceans. Emma wants to spread awareness about the importance of the preservation of our planet. She hope to become a Marine Biologist in the coming years to continue working to protect our oceans.

Emma will be Children for the Oceans’ ambassador for Canada.

Jakob Mosch

Welcome Jakob who lives in Berlin and who has decided to act and contribute to the conservation of the oceans by joining Children for the Oceans !

Jakob aims at working as a politician to make change happen. Jakob will be Children for the Oceans’ ambassador for Germany.

Children for the Oceans at #LaMerXXL – XXL Sea in Nantes on July 2nd, 2019

Children for the Oceans and Thomas was appointed “young ambassador” for Generation Mer, a group created by the Ministry of the Ecological Transition and dedicated to mobilize all the generations, present and future to the question of the protection of the ocean through the development of all kinds of initiatives with the ultimate objective to protect the ocean.



On June 11th & 12th, Children for the Oceans attended the High-level science-policy conference co-organised by European Marine Board, the European Commission and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO


European Marine Board prepared a message to the wider society represented by the participants of EurOCEAN 2019. It describes how we should work together during the next decade (2021-2030), in light of the forthcoming IPCC report on the Ocean and Cryosphere, to achieve the future we want for the ocean and the role we envisage for the European marine science community to contribute to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Children for the Oceans and Thomas Lesage, Godfather of the World Ocean Day at the Aquarium de la Porte Doré in Paris on June 8th


Thomas had the chance to be invited as godfather of the World Ocean Day at the Aquarium of the Porte Doré in Paris with Valérie Masson- Delmotte, a French climate scientist and Research Director at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, where she works in the Climate and Environment Sciences Laboratory (LSCE).


Children for the Oceans also joined the March for the Oceans organised by Surfrider on the dame day.