Very pleased to announce our partnership with the Blue World Institute!

Children for the Oceans is pleased to announce its partnership with the Blue World Institute (the “BWI”). The BWI Marine research and Conservation works to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea. To fulfil its mission, the BWI operates free programs – research, education and conservation. Their research focuses mainly on large marine vertebrates( (dolphins, whales, sea turtles, sharks, giant devil rays) while providing education activities and leading conservation projects. They work from the Adriatic islands of Losinj, Murter and Vis, with the local communities and collaborate nationally, regionally and internationally to advance sustainable marine management and environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean Basin.

The partnership will allow more dissemination of the scientific knowledge collected on marine mammals to the children and civil society from a more general standpoint. While BWI put at our disposal some photos, videos and scientific data, our ocean ambassadors will be able to use them in their awareness sessions as increasing the awareness on the status of our ocean requires an acurate and update scientific status.

Many thanks to BWI for their trust






Children for the Oceans at One Ocean Summit in Brest!

Children for the Oceans was represented at the #onceoceansummit. It was the opportunity to meet inspiring people such as the French explorer, Jean Louis Etienne who dedicates his life to the protection of our planet and ocean. we need some inspiring people to keep on our actions. Thanks to Jean Louis Etienne!

At this summit, the extension and increase of Marine Protected Areas has been discussed and we hope that new regulations and agreements between governments will extend these MPAs, while taking into account the link between ocean and earth as well as the link between culture and nature. Education is key!

The status of the Arctic area was also discussed as well as the necessity (i) to allocate means and financial resources to scientists to keep on exploring this area to better protect it and (ii) to find an agreement between states and governments to protect this area, which is vital for the rest of the world.

Numerous calls for action from scientits were launched as here is no time for speeches and ACTION IS REQUIRED NOW!! #polarpod #oneoceansummit #ocean

Children for the Oceans & Romain Pilliard’s partnership for the Protection of the Oceans

By setting up a partnership with Romain Pilliard, we have decided to get children familiar with the main principles of circular economy. Circular economy is a way reduce our footprint on our planet and protect our ocean.

Romain Pilliard, who is going make a worldwide sailing tour against all odds to promote the circular economy and the transition of the economy to a more virtuous model. He thus gave a second life to the legendary trimaran, which in 2005 broke the Single-handed Round the World Record with Ellen MacArthur, then was abandoned in Brest for years. The boat was then renovated by the USE IT AGAIN team! with parts, sails, recycled materials, reconditioned and recovered from other offshore racing teams in France and abroad.

In regular contact with Romain Pilliard and Alex Pella, his team-mate, the children will be able to exchange views, talk about the Ocean, familiarize themselves with the main principles of the circular economy and follow this great sporting challenge!

But above all, we need to put in place educational tools, expand our network of ambassadors and increase awareness sessions around the world!
If you want to support this awareness mission of Children for the Oceans, contact us.