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All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2020
All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2020

Thomas Lesage is a teenager of 16 years old who lives in France and wants to be a worldwide citizen committed to the protection of the planet and the oceans.

He has a project, which is to develop the awareness of civil society and more particularly the children’s awareness of the protection of the oceans.

Last September 2018, he started a worldwide sailing tour for the oceans that he just completed after 4 months and a half of sailing and more than 16 000 kilometers, which has allowed him to witness the status and the threats of our oceans such as acidification, plastic pollution and overfishing. During this tour, he managed to train more than 200 kids in 5 different countries.

For this long-term mission, he has decided to create a Non-Profit Organization, “Children for the Oceans”.

Today, Children for the Oceans is a worldwide community of more than 450 children/members, who have committed to act for the protection of the oceans by adopting tips in their daily life to protect our oceans. Children for the Oceans also counts 7 ambassadors worldwide, who are also teenagers willing to contribute to save the oceans.

Children for the Oceans’ long-term goals are to draw the attention of civil society and the children on the necessity to protect the oceans, to raise their attention on the critical status of the oceans and to convey the message that they can act in their daily life for the protection of the oceans.

For 2019, the objectives of Children for the Oceans are the following:

  • Organise worldwide awareness session on the protection of the oceans
  • Set up partnerships with NGOs in Asia and Africa for the protection of the oceans
  • Attend international conferences to make Children’ voice heard
  • Create dedicated tools for oceans’ ambassadors with the support of scientific partners

Children for the Oceans was founded in June 2018 and is dedicated to be a community of worldwide children working to save the oceans.

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